Geneseo-Atkinson Food Pantry
Monday, August 20, 2018
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About Us

Our Mission

The Christian mission of the Geneseo Food Pantry is to provide food, clothing and short-term emergency assistance for families and individuals residing in Geneseo (61254) or Atkinson (61235) zip code areas.
This Christian mission includes responding to local needs and assisting in the development and maintenance of individuals and families to enable them to be functional, effective and healthy.
Spiritual needs will be recognized and addressed in cooperation with the Geneseo Ministerial Association (GMA).

Our History

  • Established as community ministry at Grace United Methodist Church in January, 1982
  • Moved to First Presbyterian Church in August, 1983
  • Moved to 217 N Russell, purchased by the Geneseo Ministerial Association in May, 1989
  • Moved to current building, at 550 Dilenbeck Dr., in April, 2018

Our Board 

Fr. Michael Pakula, St. Malachy Catholic Church — President
Linda Henry, Concordia Lutheran Church  Vice President
Karen Cathelyn, St. Malachy Catholic Church — Secretary
Greg Bodeen, Grace United Methodist Church — Treasurer
Board Members:
Don Meier, First Congregational Church
Rev. Matt Kampath, First Lutheran Church
Shirley Weaver, First Baptist Church
Louise Wildemuth, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Pat Knudtson, Loraine United Methodist Church
John Schang, First Presbyterian Church
Pam Reiling, Geneseo Evangelical Free Church
Dale Tanis - First United Methodist Church

Jolynn Kitterman — Director
Jolynn has been employed at the Food Pantry since August 2001.  She and her husband, Kevin, live in Colona. They have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. In her spare time Jolynn likes to flower garden, read, and swim. She also volunteers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Nicole Freadhoff 
Nicole has been employed at the Food Pantry since July 2015.  She, her husband Greg, and two children live in Geneseo. In her spare time Nicole likes to read, run, and scrapbook. She also volunteers at her children's school and church.